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Musculoskeletal screening

professional Athlete Screening in Brisbane

Medical musculoskeletal screening for athletes in Brisbane

Musculoskeletal screening is a method of assessing the key, sports-specific health characteristics of an athlete’s body in an effort to reduce the chance of injury.

It involves learning about each individual’s history of injuries and treatments and running initial diagnostics to identify at-risk athletes. In AFL, some clubs attribute lower soft tissue injuries to a disciplined sports musculoskeletal screening process like the one offered by the Brisbane sports physiotherapists at Restore Function.

The main assessments we undertake are of muscle strength, stability, control and length as well as stability alignment and function and joint structure. With the findings of a screening, our physiotherapists can prescribe a range of targeted exercises and techniques for resolving deficits and weaknesses in muscles or joints.

With an established baseline in the treatment of a screened athlete, progress can be tracked over time. Working with team officials and athletes, we make adjustments to the prescribed treatment so optimum musculoskeletal conditioning can be achieved at all times of the training, competitive and recovery cycles.

For adolescent athletes increasing their exercise regime, a medical screening focusing on the musculoskeletal characterises of the body lets our physiotherapists see the impact growth has on strength and sport.

Our team of physiotherapists have extensive experience in many sports, most notably AFL, running and netball. They have a deep understanding of what to look for and how to treat it responsibly, practically and sensitively.

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