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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in Greenslopes

Musculoskeletal Phsyiotherapy in Greenslopes – At Stones Corner

If our physios are specialists at sports-specific injuries, they are extremely familiar with treating muscle and joint conditions encountered by the rest of us. When you book to see our APA Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists in the Greenslopes clinic, you’re just as likely to see an office worker or retiree in the waiting room as you are an AFL player or long distance runner.

Of course, you don’t need to be an athlete to experience bodily complaints. Whether it’s caused by workplace strain or a body changing as you age, there are many ways that a qualified Physiotherapist can address your body pain. Our team at Restore Function are more than capable of resolving your issues and giving you a plan for avoiding them in the future.

With a clear plan to address your musculoskeletal (muscle and joint) ailments, you’ll be moving freer and be armed with exercises, stretches and actions that may even leave you fitter than before your injury or condition turned up!

Sports Physiotherapy

Brisbane’s experts in sports physio – Close to the Gabba


Sports Physiotherapy is an area of physiotherapy that addresses the particular ongoing needs of amateur, professional and elite sports women and men. While most ‘normal’ physiotherapy revolves around reducing pain and increasing mobility after an incident or a condition has been diagnosed, sports physiotherapy takes a more holistic, longer term approach to body function.

In sports, especially at the higher levels, the body simply must work as expected at all times. But with adrenalin, a thirst for winning and team loyalty in the mix, knowing how bad an injury is can be a hard line to draw in the moment. Knowing what call to make requires vigilance, awareness and sensitivity in equal measures – something our Brisbane-based sports physios are great at. We accelerate rehab in a safe way to encourage tissue healing, modifying through cross-training rather than prescribing rest.

Our sports physiotherapy service in Greenslopes encompasses:

  1. acute care – assessing and diagnosing the initial injury;

  2. treatment – advice and techniques to encourage healing;

  3. rehabilitation – a managed program of exercises and treatments to prepare you for a full return to sport;

  4. fitness testing - based on several objective and physical tests knowing when you are ready to progress training and return to play minimising injury risk

  5. prevention – reviewing your movement for deficiencies known to directly result in, or act as precursors to injury;

  6. education – working with individual athletes, teams or clubs to share specialist knowledge to prevent and manage injury

At Restore Function Physiotherapy and Pilates, all of our clinicians come from a sports and sports medicine background. They’ve working in schools all the way up to elite representative teams, and have even contributed to the formal advice and guidelines for national sporting leagues like the AFLW. They understand the pressures and expectations of high-level sports and provide balanced, objective advice to athletes and their management.

Much of our time outside of clinic hours is spent at the ovals, gyms and swimming pools around South Brisbane, where our qualified physiotherapists provide strapping, on-call diagnosis and acute care as well as treatment, as well as delivering education sessions that are comprehensive but easy-to-digest and remember.