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Clinical Equipment Classes

Clinical Equipment Classes in Greenslopes using pilates equipment with qualified physiotherapists

get your body stronger and more flexible in an inspiring environment at our Stones Corner studio (with plenty of parking)

Clinical Pilates Studio in Brisbane

Pilates combines the calmly paced stretches of yoga with the precision of ballet.

In our clinical equipment classes, our physiotherapists incorporate the equipment and exercises of pilates into a mixture of clinically appropriate exercises.

Because of its focus on controlled muscle exercises, Restore Function’s clinical equipment classes are a fantastic addition to rehabilitation and injury prevention plans for sporting injuries or general wear and tear.

The focus required to perform exercises ‘properly’ is rewarding, resulting in improved breathing, stamina and mental focus in addition to the more obvious muscle and joint benefits.

The classes, which take pilates’ approach to process and patterns, are uniquely designed to target a certain area of the body and a range of motion in line with each client’s needs. Because they are such a deliberate activity of slow-speed repetitions, the activities don’t really lead to lots of sweat or exhaustion. That alone makes it perfect for people of all ages and sizes – even pregnant ladies and people with reduced mobility.

At Restore Function, our Greenslopes studio caters to mat-based and equipment-based pilates-inspired exercises, with tailored plans prepared for all clients.

Clinical equipment classes can help with:

  • a wide range of joint and muscle pain

  • mobility

  • muscle strength

  • endurance

  • improved balance

  • flexibility

  • toning and strengthening muscles – especially the core muscles of the abs, buttocks, lower back and hips

  • evening the distribution of muscle strength on both sides of your body

  • better control of the muscles in your back, arms, legs and neck

  • a more stable and stronger spine and posture

  • improved posture

  • breathing and circulation

  • concentration and relaxation

The Department of Health's private health insurance reforms for natural therapy take effect on 1 April 2019

The Department has confirmed that Physiotherapists are the only practitioners eligible to deliver exercises drawn from Pilates within their scope of practice and claim private health rebates.

Our “Clinical Equipment Classes” are Physiotherapy sessions with a mixture of clinically appropriate exercises, which include exercises delivered on Pilates equipment and exercises drawn from Pilates that target our client’s particular needs. Physiotherapists deliver these exercises within an evidenced-based and therapeutic framework, rather than simply for fitness. Our Physiotherapists also conduct specific assessments and monitor clients progress.